Your flat roofing project doesn’t have to be stressful

But in an industry full of cowboys, how do you know who to trust?

If you’re thinking of talking to us about your new flat roof, you’ll want to know something about us: who are we, and how do we work?

We’ll tell you all that here, on this page. But first, there’s something you need to know about our industry – and how we came to be.

It’s important you know this...

Flat roofing technology has made some incredible strides. Age-old problems have been ironed out. So today, there’s no need to live with draughts, leaks, condensation and that tired, weathered look.

Flat Roof in Need of Repair
Flat Roof Leaking Through Ceiling

All thanks to the latest word in waterproofing, and smart insulation that locks in heat and keeps condensation at bay.

That’s the good news. And it should mean you can order a new flat roof with confidence – knowing it will hold tight for a generation or more.

But the bad news is, flat roofs still fail every day. They leak or cave in, often when they’re just a few years old.

It happens…and it will keep on happening…for one simple reason.

It’s easy to make poor choices that come back and haunt you

There are myths and half-truths flying around, especially online. The web is overrun with non-experts giving duff advice. So no-one knows who – or what - to believe.

For example – right now, you might be asking:

…“Which waterproofing system gives the best value for money?”
…“Can we keep the old insulation, or do we have to upgrade?”
…“Do we take the whole roof down, or can we build over?”
…“How long will the old roof last, if we put things off?”
…“Is it strong enough to add a balcony or terrace?”
…“What should the roofer guarantee?”
…“What about Health & Safety?”
…And more.

The answers will be simple – all it takes is a quick chat with a genuine roofing expert, who’ll look at your current roof or drawings, and give some honest answers.

But with so many rogues and cowboy roofers…and other tradespeople wading in with unqualified advice…you could easily be misled, and make the wrong decision.

Then end up with a money pit: the wrong type of roof, poorly fitted, that needs constant repairs…and ultimately, has to be replaced long before its time.

That’s how it is, in an industry that’s drowning in confusion.

So when we set up Proactive Flat Roofing,
we set out to offer some clarity

We decided to explode the myths and shine a light on bad practice. So customers can work with facts, and make informed decisions at the start of their project.

Why listen to us?

Well, Stephen and Paull, our directors, have spent decades in the industry – chalking up over 45 years between them. They’ve seen every scam and careless error. Rescued projects after novices made every kind of mistake. So there’s no-one better to set the record straight.

In Stephen’s words: “We want to stop consumers and businesses falling prey to the rogues and cowboys who blight our industry. So we’ll offer free, impartial advice to anyone who needs a flat roof. Whether they end up working with us or another reputable firm, we want to make sure they get a watertight roof that will stay the distance.”

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This FREE consumer guide tells you more

To make life easier, Stephen and Paull have put together a new 24 page guide. It tells you how flat roofing works, and what will cause a roof to fail. It goes through the pros and cons of the major roofing systems. And shows you how to choose a roofer you can rely on.

All in plain English, with no “roofing speak”!

Plus – to show you what goes on during an installation, there’s a 30-minute video that demystifies the whole process. Two of our customers, Steve and Deb, allowed a film crew to shoot their whole project – and we’ve put it on a DVD that we’ll send out with the free guide.

And that’s not all…

Introducing Vanguard – for total peace of mind

As you’ll see, our free guide tells you all about Vanguard: our own PVC Single-Ply system that we manufacture, then cut to shape here in the UK.

This is part of our move to give more peace of mind. As Paull explains:

“In the past, we found customers were worried that they had one company manufacturing their roof, and another installing it. They felt exposed, afraid that problems might slip through the cracks. For example, if it needs repairing, the two companies might blame each other for the fault - and leave the customer waiting.

“So we decided to close the loop, by manufacturing our own system and installing it ourselves – taking away the worry, because now the buck always stops with us.

“As far as we know, no other roofing company in the UK can offer this end-to-end solution.”

You’ll get a free sample of Vanguard, as part of your pack. You can see how it feels. Take the “PULL” Challenge, as you try it to tear it apart. And decide if it’s the right material for your roof.

Your Free Survey – With No Obligation

Of course, it doesn’t end with an information pack. Once you request it, you can take the next step: a free on-site survey with one of our flat roofing experts.

We’ll call out to you and take a detailed look at your roof space, or your architect’s drawings. Then explore the job from every angle and make our recommendations – around roofing type, insulation, fitting, cost, aesthetics and more.

Admittedly, every roofing company offers free surveys. But all too often, it’s a quoting exercise by another name – a way through the door that can lead to heavy pressure tactics.

Paull and Stephen have seen this up close, and set out to offer an alternative.

As Stephen comments: “Our survey is not a hard-sell, because we’re roofers here - not salesmen. It’s about giving you clear, detailed answers with no obligation. And if we find that your roof doesn’t need attention, we’ll tell you. We’re not here to fix or replace a roof that’s fit for purpose.”

Paull adds: “In the end, we want you to make up your own mind, in your own time. A new flat roof is a financial commitment that will run to thousands, and quite frankly we won’t be the cheapest – because we can’t compete on price with people who’ll compromise your roof with untrained crews and cheap materials.

“So we want you to do your research, and be 100% sure before you say yes.”

That’s how we work at Proactive Flat Roofing. We use the latest roofing technology, but our values are old-fashioned. Quality products, professionally installed, backed by the type of customer service that’s going out of style.

Flat Roof Survey

To get started with us, click the button below to request your info pack. Then we’ll put your free guide and DVD in the post, and take you to a page where you can arrange your free survey – if you’re ready for that next step…

We look forward to speaking to you – and being of service.

Stephen & Paul

This free guide and DVD will cover all you need to know...

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Secure, Stylish Flat Roof

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  • Our 24 Page Ultimate Guide
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