About Us

Our Mission

To become the highest quality roofing service provider in the UK and to be part of the solution for climate change by installing and upgrading 10,000 roofs by 2030 with our Eco-Warm Roofing Systems. We will become a carbon neutral company by 2030.

Our Values

Values are what drive all of us in life and a business is no different, in fact the business values should reflect the values of both the owners and team members of the business and here are ours:

  1. Doing what we said we would and have promised.
  2. Fairness in how we treat our customers, suppliers and each other.
  3. Taking FULL responsibility for our actions.
  4. Seeking to better understand any given situation before passing judgement.
  5. Learning from our mistakes and striving to always do better next time.
  6. Constant personal and professional development.

Our Team

Stephen Day Headshot Resized

Stephen Day

Managing Director

Mobile: 07970 202 111

Paull Headshot Resized

Paull Newsome

Commercial Director

Mobile: 07916 253 649

Simon Headshot (1)

Simon Cross

Technical Director

Mobile: 07940 423 514

Anne Headshot 2

Anne Cross

Operations Manager

Mobile: 07375 593 493

Mandy Headshot

Mandy Holbrook

Sales Manager

Mobile: 07889 178 796