The Proactive Flat Roofing Difference

There are  10,000 roofing companies in the UK and we are very aware that you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking the one you want to work with, in our experience there are a few key factors that make all the difference when it comes to picking the right company to solve your flat roofing problems these are:

  1. Aligned Values - which means making sure you pick a company that has values and that they are aligned with yours.
  2. People -
  3. Solutions -
  4. Processes -

The Proactive Values

Values are what drive all of us in life and a business is no different, in fact the business values should reflect the values of both the owners and team members of the business and here are ours: 

  1. Doing what we said we would and have promised. 
  2. Fairness in how we treat our Customers our suppliers and each other. 
  3. Taking responsibility for our actions. 
  4. Seeking to better understand any given situation
  5. Learning from our mistakes and striving to always do better next time.
  6. Constant personal and professional development.


The Proactive Team

No effective business can function and grow without having a great team and we are proud of the team we have created

We’re called the company "Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions" for a reason. We always aim to nip problems in the bud, before they can get out of hand. In an industry that’s always reactive - responding slowly after a crisis - we think you’ll find us refreshingly easy to deal with.

That’s not empty rhetoric. Between us, we've spent 45
years in the roofing industry. That’s a wealth of
experience, of time spent studying new methods and
innovations. So we see pitfalls, risks and solutions that
others can easily miss - whether it’s at the design stage,
installation or inspection.

The Proactive Products & Solutions

Vanguard is the product of all that experience: our

response to roofing systems that never quite ticked

every box. And it’s backed up by the very highest level

of service we can give you - the service every flat roofer

promises, but very few deliver!

Of course, we doubt we’ll be the cheapest. We only use the best installers and materials, and they come at a cost. But as you’ve seen, cheap is dangerous - so we work with customers who care less about penny savings, more about value and quality.

The Proactive Process & Systems

What Our Customers & Clients Are Saying About Proactive Flat Roofing


“After having worked with Paull for seven years, I would
like to say he is my friend as much as a business associate. I
can trust him implicitly and that is not something I can say
about many people. In the past, I’ve had to deal with serious
problems caused by other contractors. Nowadays, Paull is the
only person I trust to undertake work on my projects.”
Roger Line
Director of Premier Basements

“I can’t recommend Paull highly enough. He was a
professional from day one until the end. We were
always piling a bit of pressure on him to get things done
quickly and making sure that designs and drawings
were turned around really quickly. Nothing seemed to
faze him really. He always delivered and he’s the first
person you should call if you need any roofing done.”
Dean Holmes
Senior Project Manager - Denton Associates

“Working with Stephen and Paull makes it easy and
gives us the confidence and ability to do a good job.”
Nick Medforth
Nick Medforth Building Contractor Ltd

“Professional. That’s the word to describe Stephen.
He lets you know what all your options are, and the
pros and cons of each. He guides you to the best
solution rather than just pushing a product.”
Jim Nicholson
Estate Manager - Parkway Shopping Centre & Residential
Apartments Newbury

“I could not recommend Proactive highly enough.
Their unwavering support sets them apart from the rest.
Andy provided crucial technical advice on a particularly
difficult project. He’s been extremely helpful, going over
and above the initial brief. I can’t thank him enough for
all his help, and will not hesitate to contact him again
on future developments.”
Louise Tucker
Kersfield LTD

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