ARCHITECTS – The Easy Way to Spec Flat Roofing for Your Next Design Project

Every architect we meet tells the same story – and maybe it’s the same for you:

You’re commissioned to design a new property – or site – with a flat roofing element. But when it comes to the spec, you can’t get a straight answer.

Chances are, you come up against a wall of myths and half-truths.

Outdated information. Misleading advice.

Of course, you know how flat roofing works! But the intricate details…the nuances of different systems…it’s a specialist field. Where one small glitch in the spec could cause the roof to fail within 5-10 years.

So your only option is, download the best spec you can find.

But when work begins, it’s clear: the spec wasn’t up to scratch. The roofing contractor takes issue. Work gets held up while the spec is revised.

All because the client expected you to be a flat roofing expert, and wouldn’t pay for a specialist to consult on the job.

Sound familiar?

So the question is…what can you do about this?

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Talk to Proactive Flat Roofing at the start of the project

As PVC Single-Ply specialists, we design and install flat roofs for new build and refurb projects – domestic and commercial.

And we’ll work with you to refine the spec.

No fee. No obligation.

Send us your plans, and we’ll ask a few questions…make recommendations, and mark up the drawings…then put in our J42 with a fully-costed proposal.

Then you or your client can decide – are we the flat roofers for you?

That’s how we work.

It means there’s no stop-starting when the roof goes on. No delays that push back completion and your client’s ROI.

Just a smooth transition from the structural build to the roofing phase.

Then a solid, watertight roof that will hold for a generation or more.

And for added peace of mind…

When you work with us, we’re your installer AND manufacturer

Ask us about Vanguard: our own PVC Single-Ply system, that we manufacture to our own spec – then customise for your roof in our UK finishing workshops.

You know how it is. When one company supplies the roof, and another fits it…there’s always that risk that they’ll blame each other if there’s a problem. So you leave the project open to delays - and your client to financial losses.

Vanguard takes that risk away. The buck stops with us.

If that’s what you want from a flat roofing partner, we should talk – before your project begins.

It starts with a free survey

Get in touch and share your plans, or tell us about the project. Then we’ll give you all the numbers you need before you commit to the next step.

Need Help or to Book Your FREE Flat Roof Survey Call Now on 
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