When The Original Contractor Refused To Help, Kris, A Busy Facilities Manager Turned To Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions For Help

     Kris Jaggs is a busy guy. He looks after a portfolio of seven care homes for a growing Care Home Business and needs to be confident that the roofing contractors he chooses are reliable, compliant with all aspects of health and Safety, and of course do what they say they will, and have a great level of communication on all aspects of the project.

Kris Jaggs-Facilities Manager Greensleaves Care Ltd Winchester

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Commercial Site Managers tell us, flat roofs are a thorn in their side. And perhaps it’s the same for you?

Does any of this sound familiar..?

Every year as the roofs get older, problems multiply. Leaks, draughts and repairs become a constant drain on budgets. And there’s disruption too, as sales and operations cope with the fallout.

But if you bite the bullet, inviting tenders for a new flat roof…life doesn’t get any easier.

You’re still hamstrung. Because –

On the one hand, your management team needs every last detail
Budgets… schedules… risk assessment… noise levels… working policies… specification… regulation… compliance… indemnity… guarantees… and more.

While on the other hand, contractors are notoriously vague!
They’re loath to commit themselves to specific working methods, let alone a fixed and final cost for the work. So their proposals come in, purposely light on detail…

Leaving you to champion a project that fails under scrutiny.
At least, this is what we hear when we talk to site managers. It seems almost every bid is missing something vital – and getting straight answers to fill in the gaps can feel like pulling teeth.

RESULT: projects get shelved, and roofs keep getting worse every year!

If you’re in this situation today, we need to talk. Because…

We work differently here at Proactive Flat Roofing

Before you commit to the work, we’ll go above and beyond: devising a detailed schedule and design spec, with fully transparent costs.

So your management team will finally have a clear plan to appraise. And you can finally get the project out of the starting blocks.

Working with you, in partnership

When you get in touch, we’ll take a look at the roof space or your architect’s drawings. Then sit down with you to develop a clear brief.

We’ll ask questions. Like:

• Function: is it just a roof - or will you add a breakout space, like a terrace or balcony?
• What goes on in the space below – work, storage or utilities?
• How will you maintain the roof – what’s your expectation?
• Will the work have to fit around your day-to-day activity?
• What criteria have you set around schedules and budget?
• What specific concerns have been raised by your management team?

We’ll cover all this, and more. Then write up a detailed spec for a PVC Single-Ply flat roof that’s designed to last - along with a fully-costed proposal.

Plus a 20-year guarantee that covers labour and materials. (Very few flat roofers can guarantee both – find out why).

And if you need other quotes?

No problem. You can use our design spec as part of your project brief. Then you’ll be able to compare every bid side by side…and whatever happens next, you’ll know the roof is designed to the highest standard.

We’ll complete your design spec free of charge, and without obligation. All we ask is that you’re seeking a quality long-term solution…

Quality, without compromise

Before we go any further then, let’s make sure we’re “on the same page”.

We don’t do cheap or short-term. We only build solid, resilient flat roofs, guaranteed for 20 years...and designed to last 40, even 50, years or more.

That doesn’t mean we’re expensive. We offer excellent value for money, and you’ll find our whole of life cost compares well with any “low-cost” option.

But it does mean, we can’t be compared with a less diligent firm that intends to cut costs and corners – like skimping on insulation, or hiring unskilled labour.

We can’t – and won’t - compete with these operators on price. Because we’ll be using the best crews and materials on the market to meet your project goals 100%.

If you share that commitment to quality, and place value for money over penny savings, we’re thinking the same way.

So here’s the next step…

It starts with a free survey

All you have to do is share your plans, or tell us about the project. Then we’ll give you all the numbers you need before you commit to the next step.

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