Let Down By The Original Flat Roofing Contractor

When the original contractor refused to help, Kris, a busy facilities manager turned to Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions for help.

Kris Jaggs is a busy guy. He looks after a portfolio of seven care homes for a growing care home Business and needs to be confident that the roofing contractors he chooses are reliable, compliant with all aspects of health and safety, and of course care about the impact they have on his residents. Watch the video and hear first hand from him how this worked out.

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Do you find, as a Facilities Manager, you have to be reactive?

Fighting fires as they flare up…because there’s no time for proactive measures?

If your answer is YES, we need to discuss the flat roofs across your estate.

Because…flat roofing problems take time to emerge. By the time you see the problem, the damage may have passed the point of no return.

For example – say there’s a leak:

It happens because the waterproofing top layer is breached. Joins have come apart, or frozen water has cracked the membrane…leaving the timber deck open to attack.

Over the next few years, the deck weakens – and the roof risks caving in. But there are no symptoms yet. Everything seems fine.

Until –

Water finally works its way through the roof space, and down through the ceiling.

Then it gets reported. Assessed. And you discover:

Between the point of breach and the first warning sign, the roof has suffered irreversible damage.

Cue the blame game between building owner and management company, where everyone gets their share of hassle and expense.

All because the roof was left alone, to fail without intervention.

This happens all the time…even when flat roofs are “inspected”

Every flat roof should be thoroughly inspected at least once a year. And if it’s made of a basic covering like felt, make that every 6 months.

The key word here is “thorough”.

Most inspections are nothing but a cursory glance at the top layer for obvious signs of damage. So they miss the more subtle signs: the pin-sized holes that go undetected in EPDM Rubber, or the hairline cracks that develop in GRP Fibreglass.

Then below the membrane, it gets worse - the inner roof space is ignored altogether. Rotting timbers, condensation…even black mould and spores…could tell the whole story. But instead, they’re left to fester.

However, it’s all avoidable. So the answer is…

Proactive inspection and maintenance

At Proactive Flat Roofing, we work with Facilities Managers to make sure there are no surprises lurking in the roof.

To start, we’ll survey your whole estate and write up our findings – so every flat roof is documented, with its own set of “medical notes”.

Hazards and future problems are highlighted, with timescales for remedial work…plus steps that will help prolong the roof, wherever possible.

Then with every inspection, we chart every concern and identify new issues. Giving you a complete history, and a chance to prepare for major repairs or replacement.

And when it’s time to replace…

A basic flat roof will last a dozen years or so. The best will last 40-50 years. But sooner or later, the day will come when the old roof has to go.

When that day comes, we recommend PVC Single-Ply:

As the only system purpose-designed for flat roofs, it’s flexible and resilient.

  • It stands up to the elements with no adverse effects.
  • And if the roof deck is structurally sound, we can overlay it – saving you the cost and hassle of ripping and skipping the old material.

Better yet, when you work with us, you’ll have –

A 20-year guarantee that covers labour and materials. (Very few flat roofers can guarantee both, but we can. Find out why).

Of course, it’s not the cheapest system…and we’re
not the cheapest roofers.

We use the best materials and highly trained crews. So we can’t compete on price with anyone who cuts costs and corners.

But if your priority is solid, no-hassle flat roofing…and you’re more focused on value for money than penny savings…your current roofing stock, and new roofs, will be in the safest hands.

It starts with a free survey

Whether you want to talk maintenance or replacement, all you have to do is get in touch. Share your plans if you have them, or tell us about the project.

Then we’ll give you all the numbers you need before you commit to the next step.

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