Step 3: Options

1. Roofing Material Required?
2. Required Roof Lifespan?
Replace Your Roof's
Structural Deck?


This option is recommended if the roof feels soft when you walk on it as this could indicate water damage.

The Quote will include 18mm OSB3 (Orientated Strand Board) which is water resistant and structurally stronger than steel.

Install Fully Insulated
Warm Roof?


If you are refurbishing more than 50% of your existing flat roof it is now required (Since April 2006) that an existing flat roof over a living area must comply with rigorous U Value targets. This option for your flat roofing project is the most efficient way to ensure this compliance.

Install Green/Sedum
Living Roof?


This option allows for a basic “extensive” sedum system so if you require a more complicated solutions such as a Bio diverse solution or “Extensive” lawn effect you will need to speak to us to obtain a more accurate costing.


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