Deb Cooper & Stephen Battle
Deb Cooper & Stephen Battle
Project Manager & Computer Scientist - Bristol

"We're Very, Very Happy"

"Proactive weren't the cheapest quote but the people that came in cheaper were compromising on things that we weren't prepared to compromise on. for instance safety and I’m thinking if people compromise on safety what else can they compromise on!

The house feels much cosier now it also feels acoustically better. as a musician it feels acoustically better. I know that sounds really weird but it does. It's got a really nice solid feel to the house now. We are very, very happy.

I always felt that I could contact Stephen at Proactive and He always got back to me same day if there were any issues and the Installers were amazing. They told us every step of the way what they were doing next so we knew what to expect”

Project Type: Domestic Refurbishment. | Project Specification: Sub-deck replaced, Vanguard EcoWarm 120-Std , New Fascias | Project Size: 161 m2

Kris Jaggs
Kris Jaggs
Care Home Property Manager Surrey

“I’m Over The Moon, The New Roof Terrace Looks Amazing!”

Commercial Balcony Refurbishment

“The original issue that I contacted proactive roofing was a leak on a flat roof. I Had a number of quotes  from companies that came to

take a look at it.

I chose proactive basically because they demonstrated a good knowledge on their products and the guarantee was obviously very attractive to us as a charity because we want to make sure that our buildings are safe and secure and in good condition for the long term

I have to say after all of the issues that we have on this project I’m absolutely over the moon with the finished product, it looks amazing!”

Project Type: Commercial Refurbishment Care Home Terrace Area | Project Specification: Sub-deck replaced, Vanguard EcoWarm 120-Std | Project Size: 30m2

Kevin Gibbs
Kevin Gibbs
Local Builder - Taunton, Somerset

“I Will Definitely Recommend Them”

“Every time I needed a question answered, someone has been there at the end of the telephone and it’s great to be able to talk to someone rather than just emails. 

I had no issues, no problems, any questions were answered quickly, the price was right and the outcome and the quality just proves it all really so I’m very happy…...very polite, very professional and I will definitely recommend them.”

Project Type: Domestic New Build | Project Size: 180 m2 |Project Specification: Vanguard EcoWarm 120-Std 

Gerald Quincy
Gerald Quincy
Retired Managing Director - Pewsey, Wiltshire

"I Knew They Would Do A Good Job"

“I just knew that the people I met from Proactive they would do a good job and it was as simple as that.

Money was quite important obviously but what I wanted was a good job done. I'm over 80 my wife is getting towards 80 and we should probably stay here for the rest of our lives. I wanted a confident job which I knew there wasn’t any leaks. It was as simple as that”

Project Type: Domestic Refurbishment of existing flat roof 2nd storey extension.

Project Specification: Vanguard Single Ply Membrane.

Project Size: 25 m2


Solving Your flat roofing problems doesn’t have to be confusing, time consuming and stressful

     Choosing the right flat roofing system and contractor can be confusing, stressful and take up your valuable time, after all, no one wants to make the wrong decision and potentially end up with more problems than you started with! 

     Over the last 30 years we've worked with every type of flat roofing customer, across both the domestic and commercial markets and pretty much seen every type of flat roofing issue, from small and large refurbishment projects where the roof is simply leaking and causing damage, through to converting flat roofs to new balcony areas, and everything else in between.

     As our name suggests the flat roofing solutions our team design for you are proactively tailored to each unique situation and begins with finding out as much as we can about your particular flat roofing problem then we aim to remove the stress of solving your flat roofing issues once and for all.   

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