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Discover what happened when a Project Manager and Computer Scientist came home to find a caved in kitchen roof!


   When Deb Cooper & Steven Battle bought their dream home they knew their flat roof needed replacing, they just didn't realise how quickly until they came home to find water pouring into their kitchen!

     Watch the video to discover how they did their research before choosing the right system and flat roofing contractor..

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"We came home to find our kitchen ceiling had caved in, there was water, plaster and mess everywhere!"

     When Steve & Deb moved into their west country bungalow, they knew from their surveyor that the roof would need replacing. But they also needed a new boiler, and the windows needed attention.

     So they hoped the roof would hold for a few more years. That didn’t work out. When winter came, they noticed occasional drips coming through the ceiling.

     They’d patch things up with a rubber sealant - but each time they stopped a leak, another would appear.

     Soon, they had pots and pans dotted around the house, catching water. Then, when heavy rain came and a deluge fell into the breakfast room, they knew they had a serious problem on their hands.

20 Kitchen Ceiling
2.Sagging Deck

      Steve made a DIY repair, knowing it wouldn’t last. But it held off the rain for 4 months, so they turned their
attention back to the rest of the house. Until one evening, when they came home from a cricket match.

     The kitchen ceiling was gone, and part of the roof had fallen through. The floor was caked in plaster and polystyrene, and pieces of rotten timber that looked more like straw.

     The problem was more than urgent now - but still, they didn’t rush to a knee-jerk decision.  They’re methodical people by nature, so they set about researching their options thoroughly.

    They knew they wanted a warm roof - that was an easy call. But choosing the waterproofing system was more
of a headache. So Deb created a matrix, comparing one roofing type with another. Scoring each for cost, quality,
safety and longevity

Once they had all the data in front of them, they rejected GRP fibreglass and EPDM Rubber..........

     because neither gave them the all-weather resilience they wanted. Only PVC Single-Ply seemed to tick all their boxes. But they’d also heard that newer felt systems were stronger than the old type - so they decided to get quotes for both.

     They contacted four roofing companies: Proactive, and three from their local area. And as we’ve often found, they were unimpressed with most of the people they met.

     As Deb recalls: “One company sent someone who knew nothing about roofing - he was just a salesman. And I realised, he did sales for lots of building companies. So I didn’t trust him. He had a library of photos, but I couldn’t be sure they were from the company he was talking about.”

     And that was just the start. Another agent missed the mark by dismissing health and safety - saying guardrails were unnecessary, and “if people fall, they fall!” Another didn’t bother to even measure the roof. So there was no way he could come back with an accurate cost.

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     It seemed they were all there to get a signed contract - not to devise a solution To quote Steve: “With some companies, we were getting the full salesman works, when we just wanted good information.

    Proactive gave us that information - and also gave us good expectations, like telling us up front it wouldn’t be the cheapest.” And when it came to costing?

     One company didn’t bother to follow up with a cost. While others sent in flimsy quotes, mostly back-of-an envelope style - all of them light on detail, assurances and credentials.

     Then we responded. Submitting a detailed proposal, with a full method statement that broke down every stage of work. All costs were laid out transparently, so they could review and assess.

     And we invited them to call with any queries - which they did.  Deb says,


     “I phoned many times with lots of technical questions, and Proactive could answer them easily. 

Then I phoned some of the other suppliers with exactly the same questions, but they couldn’t answer off the cuff. In fact, they didn’t even offer to research the answer and come back to me!”

Soon after this, they invited us to do the work.

     We weren’t the cheapest, of course, because we’d shown that we won’t cut corners. But we were still competitive - as it turned out, only a little more expensive than the quote they had for a felt roof!

    When you consider longevity and maintenance, there’s no doubt: the whole of life cost with us was considerably less. And that’s before you factor in the value of working with a supplier you can trust.

    As Deb explains: “Proactive made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. They weren’t pushy or salesy at all. They answered all our questions and did a thorough survey before giving us a price.

“Proactive made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. They weren’t pushy or salesy at all"

     We took our time to decide, going back with questions and potential problems we’d thought of, yet they never failed to give us the time we needed and find the solutions that would work for us.”

    They also liked the fact that we install our own product. Deb works as a project manager, and hates it when
people pass the buck - so she saw us as a breath of fresh air. As she recalls:

     “I’ve been in a situation before where a builder will blame the product, then you go the manufacturer and they’ll blame the builder. That’s happened to me on a previous job, so I felt more comfortable with Proactive.”

     And what of the job itself? Here’s what Steve has to say:

      “When they started the work, we were anxious because it meant we’d be exposed, with only plasterboard between us and the elements. But our worries were unnecessary. The site guys were amazing.

      They took great care of our property and made sure to cover it well at the end of the day to protect our home and keep us dry.

    “They kept us informed every step of the way, so we knew how it was going and what to expect. A few issues occurred, like finding rotten joists when they took the old roof off, but they handled them brilliantly, finding us the best solutions and keeping the project moving forward.

They finished the job a week ahead of schedule,

     putting in long days to make the most of the good weather and get the job done.” And that’s the standard we promise to every one of our customers. A custom-fit solution that comes in on time and on budget - with no surprises or after-shocks.

     Here’s a final word from Deb: “We’re really happy we chose Proactive and would recommend them to anyone as a company you can trust. The process was easy, and the finished result is exactly what we wanted!”

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