Discover What Happened When A Project Manager And Computer Scientist Came Home To Find A Caved In Kitchen Roof!


When Deb Cooper & Steven Battle bought their dream home they knew their flat roof needed replacing, they just didn't realise how quickly until they came home to find water pouring into their kitchen!

Watch the video to discover how they did their research before choosing the right system and flat roofing contractor..

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When you think “flat roofing”, you probably picture a sharp-suited salesman – a foot-in-the-door type who’ll stop at nothing to get your signature!

At least, that’s how most people see this industry now. Because sadly, there are sharks out there, posing as roofing professionals, who do the hard sell…then fit roofs they’re not trained to install.

So let’s be clear about this:

These people are salesmen – not roofers. They know every trick there is when it comes to selling…but they don’t know the first thing about fixing or fitting a flat roof.

They’re the polar opposite of Proactive Flat Roofing.

We’re roofers – not salesmen. Of course, we want your business. That’s how we make our living. But we work on your terms: fitting the roof you need, and only proceeding when you’re happy.

You’ll see this as soon as you get in touch. If it’s urgent, then of course we’ll jump on it straight away – but otherwise, we’ll send a surveyor out to you at a convenient time, for a simple no-fee…and no-obligation…visit.

Your surveyor will check the roof, or the space where it will be installed, then look over your plans if you have them. Getting a feel for the job.

He’ll look at safety issues, access, and anything else that will affect installation. Then talk to you, to understand your concerns – like investment, maintenance and how you’ll use the roof.

You’ll have questions. So you’ll get answers – with full details if you want to get technical. Just take your time, and let’s make sure we cover every base.

What then?

Well our surveyor won’t press you for a decision. He’ll just bring his findings back to our planning team, and write up a fully-costed proposal. Outlining every step.

Then you set the agenda – we’re always led by you.

We’ll answer more questions, by email or phone, and go ahead once you’re ready. But we won’t start work right away, unless time is pressing. There’s a cooling-off period first, to make sure you’re comfortable with the decision.

Then comes the work –and as you’ll see
we follow 5 rigid principles:

Amateur roofers are notorious for ignoring Health & Safety. They’ll use ladders instead of scaffolding. Skip essential precautions like guard rails. Putting their own crews at risk, and compromising their customers too.

(Did you know you can be held liable for an accident on your property?)

Safety is our watchword. We follow Work at Height Regulations to the letter, to protect you and our workforce.

Our customers don’t choose us on price. Shop around, and cut-price merchants will come in at a fraction of our cost - but they’ll be putting your roof at risk.

We only deal in premium quality.

We use the best crews and materials. We test our work thoroughly, before we move from phase to phase. We’re building you a flat roof that should last 40-50 years…so as you’ll see when we talk, we’re leaving nothing to chance.

Speaking of longevity:

Your roof comes with a 20-year guarantee that covers labour and materials. (Very few flat roofers can guarantee both, but we can. Find out why).

Roofers and builders have that reputation, for showing up late and leaving early – causing delays and breaking every promise they made at the start.

We keep our promises.

Obviously, some things are beyond our control. We can’t fit a roof in a thunder storm, for example. And when we start work, we might unearth a problem we couldn’t foresee – then the timescale has to be revised, of course.

But we limit that risk. By fitting a PVC Single-Ply system, we can install in most weathers.
And when we can’t be sure what’s inside the roof, we’ll build in a time contingency.

What’s more, we’ll often work extended hours to stay on track – or if we can, finish ahead of schedule if we know bad weather is looming.

You’ll have a fixed cost for the work we commit to, with no hidden charges. And if there’s a risk of unidentified problems, we’ll give you likely scenarios.

So as much as possible, you’ll know what to expect.

Tidiness should be a given. But no doubt, you’ve heard horror stories of trades who slope off at the end – leaving a bomb site behind them. So we’ll make this clear:

Tidiness is all part of the job.

Besides the roof itself, there’ll be no trace of us on your property. That means cleaning debris from your garden, including flower beds, so you’re back to normal straight away.

And that’s it – that’s how we work.

It starts with your free survey. So once you’re ready, just get in touch. You can ask us a question, or schedule a home visit…

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