As a Landlord, You Have a Duty to Your Tenants, So Let’s
Make Sure Your Flat Roof Meets Every Regulation

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So you need to fix a flat roof at your property – or maybe add a new one? Where do you start, when you’re juggling building and leasing regulations?

Right here. At Proactive Flat Roofing, we work with landlords and their agents to minimise disruption and get tenants’ lives back to normal, fast – whether it’s a domestic or commercial lease.

It starts with a free no-obligation survey, where we’ll inspect the roof. Or check the space and look over plans, if it’s a new addition.

We’ll check access points, safety issues, and anything else that’s going to affect installation. Then talk to you and make sure we understand your priorities: cost, function, maintenance…whatever’s important.

To be clear, this is not a sales exercise. Think of it as a fact-find.

We’ll measure up, then go away and work up a spec for the job. Then come back with a fully-costed proposal. No small print. No hidden charges.

And speaking of cost…

Let’s get this out of the way now: we will not be the cheapest.

You’ll find amateurs who can do the work for a fraction of our fee – not because we’re “expensive”, but because they’re cheap.

Make no mistake, they’ll cut corners. Flouting Health & safety Laws. Skimping on insulation. Hiring cheap labour, and fitting flimsy materials.

All of which puts you in the firing line:

…If there’s an accident on your property, you’ll be under investigation. It could hike up the premium for your building insurance.

…Poor insulation puts you in breach of 2010 Building Regulations (Part L) – and gives tenants grounds to complain over heating bills.

…Plus, a dud roof is going to fail early – usually in 5-10 years. Saddling you with repair bills, then the cost of a whole new roof.

We can’t – and won’t – compete with these operators on price. Landlords choose us because we take care of every last detail, and won’t compromise on quality.

That said, you still have to keep a rein on cost.

We understand - you can’t write a blank cheque or invest in non-essential work. So here’s our commitment to you:

  • We’ll be straight with you from the off. If the roof can last a while longer, we’ll tell you so – and even tell you how to extend its life as long as possible.
  • We’ll cost for the essentials. If anything comes in as an optional extra, we’ll explain it and let you decide.
  • You won’t get “cheap” but you will get value: a justifiable investment, that will save you no end of money, time and hassle.

And that’s not an empty promise. The PVC Single-Ply roof we build for you will make sound commercial sense:

It comes with a 25-year insurance-backed guarantee that covers labour and materials. (Very few flat roofers can guarantee both, but we can. Find out why).

It’s designed to hold tight for 40-50 years. The first installations, from the 1960s are still standing today, so you can be confident it won’t trouble you.

It’s low maintenance. You should have it inspected once a year, but that should be a formality. It’s designed to stand firm year after year, without draining your profits.

It’s insurance-friendly. A brittle system like felt is easily damaged, and weak against the elements. But PVC Single-Ply is tough and resilient (and easy to repair). So it could help you negotiate a better deal next year.

Plus, it’s stylish. If you’re doing up a property to charge a premium rent, this is the high-end exclusive feel you’ll be looking for. (You can build over it too, if you want to add a terrace or balcony – just tell us what you want from the roof, and we’ll do the rest.)

Let’s start with your free survey

Get in touch, and let one of our surveyors take a look at your roof – or plans. Let’s find out what’s going on, and if work is really needed. Then we can give you some detailed answers, and all the numbers you need.

Need Help or to Book Your FREE Flat Roof Survey Call Now on 
01784 730640

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