Does Your Flat Roof Need Regular Maintenance?

Your flat roof is up there in all seasons, battling the elements. Rain, wind, snow, frost, sunlight…it’s unrelenting. So what maintenance do you need to do, to keep it in peak condition?

The answer varies from roof to roof. How old is it? What size? When was it last inspected? And most important, waterproofing – what material is fitted?

Traditional Felt Flat Roof

Traditional felt needs regular maintenance, as the membrane is prone to peeling in summer and cracking in winter. You should check it twice a year from the moment it’s installed, and budget for ongoing repairs as it starts to get older

EPDM Rubber needs an annual check-up, to make sure the glued joints and flashings are stable. If all is fine, just keep it clean – actual maintenance shouldn’t be needed.

EPDM rubber flat roof
GRP fibreglass flat roof

GRP Fibreglass also needs an annual check – and maintenance or repairs will be needed if it was poorly installed. Problems include delamination, hairline cracks in the membrane, or water ingress where the flat roof joins the edge of the building.

PVC Single-Ply toughs it out through the annual weathering cycle, so maintenance and repair work are extremely rare. But you should have someone look at it once a year, just to be sure. If work is needed, it’s probably the result of an incident, like falling slates from a pitched roof or flying debris from a storm.

PVC Single-Ply Flat Roof

Maintain, Repair or Replace?

As a roof gets older and approaches the end of its shelf life, the need for maintenance is going to increase – especially in the case of felt, which starts to break up towards the end.

However, there will come a time when it simply can’t be maintained – because health checks and minor repairs are fighting a losing battle. Then, the only option is to replace it with a new and better system.

What does that mean, in the case of your roof?

That’s something we’ll have to discuss. Call us into take a look, and we’ll set out all your options in detail – including a written, fully-costed report to outline any work that’s required.

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