Find Out Why Kevin An Experienced Builder & Property Developer Chose Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions When He Built His Own Dream Home

Kevin Gibbs is a third generation local builder and developer with multiple developments under his belt and a dislike of any kind of flat roof! When He was forced by a planning decision to have a flat roof on his own property development you better believe he did some significant research. The result made him very happy with the advice, service and the outcome he got from Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions.

As a Property Developer, you probably think twice before agreeing to a flat roof?

You might need it. For planning permission. Or a refurb extension. Or to jazz up a property with a stylish balcony or terrace.

But do you want it – knowing it’s one of those jobs that could quickly get out of hand?

Don’t worry. The risks are genuine, but only if the roof is poorly planned and fitted. Leave it in specialist hands from the outset, and everything goes to plan.

In a moment, we’ll tell you how Proactive Flat Roofing can help you. But first, let’s run through the risks, one by one…then look at your project, and how to make sure it’s free of the usual headaches.

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RISK 1: Planning

Specifying a flat roof is a complex job. It should be a joint project between an architect and a flat roofing specialist. But in practice, most are specified by architects working alone.

True, a good architect will have a working knowledge of roofing – perhaps even flat roofing. But it’s a vast field, and constantly evolving. They can’t possibly know it in-depth.

So, tasked with the roof spec, a typical architect has to search online. And in good faith, they’ll end up downloading a spec – hoping it’s fit for purpose.

It rarely ends well.

The spec won’t be a perfect match. It will lack specific details, and be riddled with red herrings...the wrong methods, the wrong materials.

Worse, it could be out of date - flouting new regulations.

Or feature a waterproofing system with a high failure rate.

Of course, things could work out. But more often than not, an architect’s spec will be flawed. Then if you’re lucky, errors will be flagged before the roof goes on. But you could be none the wiser until it starts to fail. That could be a few months…or even years…down the line.

RISK 2: Schedules

With a thorough flat roofing spec, the building work will transition seamlessly into the roofing phase. Like fitting a jigsaw piece, the structure is primed and ready before the roof goes on.

But with the wrong spec, the roof is a misfit. Details are out…so at the last minute, complications rear their head.

Then delays are inevitable as you put things right. Putting other trades on hold, and hiking up cost every day.

And that’s not the only risk to your schedule. Because -

Your choice of waterproofing is going to be crucial.

Say you choose a budget system like felt. You can save on the material, and even have it fitted by your on-site labourers – no specialist training needed.

But there are downsides.

As well as its short lifespan and high failure rate, felt will usually cause delays - because it can only be fitted when the roof deck is bone dry. If there’s a hint of moisture in the air, it gets trapped under the membrane then eats away at the timbers. So you’ll have to wait for good weather.

It’s a similar story with GRP Fibreglass and EPDM Rubber. They can only be fitted in specific conditions, so a bad spell will cause a delay.

It could be days, or even weeks, before you’re back on track.

RISK 3: Follow-On Trades

If you’re building over the flat roof, problems don’t end there. You’ve got the next crew coming in to add an outdoor living space with greenery, decking, tiles or slabs. So you’ve got to liaise with them…keep them sweet through delays…hope the rooftop is ready for follow-on…and act as quality inspector, overseeing their work.

It’s a growing headache, in a project that’s already stressful.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way

When you work with Proactive Flat Roofing, all these problems go away. Because:

We’ll work with your architect, to get a thorough spec written into your plans - so the flat roof clicks into place with the structure below.

This will save you thousands, by cutting out steps you don’t need - and eliminating glitches that could cost you over time. All while making sure the project stays on schedule - saving you the mounting cost of mistakes and delays.

And it gets better:

The weather won’t disrupt us, unless there’s a storm or earthquake! By fitting a PVC Single-Ply roof, we can install when the deck is wet or drying - because the membrane is designed to expel any moisture that gets trapped inside.

If you’re refurbishing, we could even get ahead of schedule. PVC Single-Ply can be fitted over an old roof (if it’s structurally sound). Saving you the time and cost of ripping and skipping the old one.

Plus, follow-on trades work with us. We become your flat roofing partner, owning everything that happens from the roof deck up. So we’ll spec the terrace or balcony, and even install it ourselves. You just deal with us.

The result is a solid, hard-wearing, flexible flat roof

Designed to hold tight for a generation or more, with little or no maintenance.

Meaning, you can hand over the keys to your customers…pass on our 20-year Insurance-Backed Guarantee…and move on to your next development, knowing the roof won’t come back to haunt you.

And for added peace of mind…

When you work with us, we’re your installer AND manufacturer

Ask us about Vanguard: our own PVC Single-Ply system, that we manufacture to our own spec – then customise for your roof in our UK finishing workshops.

You know how it is. When one company supplies the roof, and another fits it…there’s always that risk that they’ll blame each other if there’s a problem. So you leave yourself open to delays - and your client to financial losses.

Vanguard takes that risk away. The buck stops with us.

If that’s what you want from a flat roofing partner, we should talk – before your project begins.

It starts with a free survey

Get in touch and share your plans, or tell us about the project. We’ll ask questions, touch base with your architect, make our recommendations…then give you all the numbers you need before you commit to the next step.

There’s no charge for this, and no obligation. That’s how we work.

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