PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing: the strong, resilient, stylish waterproofing system protecting flat roofs in Britain since the 1960s

Waterproofing a flat roof is a bit of a lottery. Unless you choose the one truly reliable system: PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing.

That’s the conclusion we’ve reached, after serving decades in the flat roofing industry. Our senior roofers have worked with all the major systems, on domestic and commercial flat roofs. And we’re all agreed:

PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing stands head and shoulders over the alternatives.

The video here explains it all. How it’s the only waterproofing system purpose-designed for flat roofs – so uniquely able to deal with all the usual hurdles like standing water, falling slates and vulnerable joins.

Take a look. Then get a quick quote below – or better yet, arrange a free survey where we’ll measure up and give you a cost. No obligation.

In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know about
PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a quick summary. Starting with why we tuned our back on the alternatives…

Traditional Felt Flat Roof

Traditional Felt is an eyesore that can spoil the look of your property. And more importantly, it won’t offer the protection you need. Over time it becomes brittle – peeling in summer and cracking in winter. Slowly breaking down. So after 10 short years, most felts have run their course.

EPDM Rubber is a basic covering with a dull industrial look. It can peel in sunlight, so it’s sometimes covered in reflective chippings – not a pleasant sight. Worse, the seams can come apart if it’s glued in the wrong conditions. And it’s hard to see punctures, so you could be none the wiser…until it’s too late.

EPDM rubber flat roof
GRP fibreglass flat roof

GRP Fibreglass looks great and appears solid – but it’s riddled with problems. Osmosis can cause hairline cracks that let water in. It’s too rigid to cope with building movement, so it can break away at joins that meet the rest of the building. Plus, it’s temperamental – failing if the weather changes during installation.

There are flaws and risks with all these systems. So even if you hire a certified roofer, who uses good materials, a quality roof is not a given. Problems still occur.

PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing succeeds where other systems fail

Unlike felt, it stands up to wind, rain, frost and sunlight. No adverse effects.

Unlike GRP, it’s designed to move freely with the building and won’t develop hairline cracks.

Unlike EPDM, it can’t come apart at the seams and it’s not easily punctured.

It’s designed specifically to solve these age-old problems. Designed to hold tight through the seasons, for 20 years guaranteed…with early installations still standing 50 years on.

PVC Single-Ply Flat Roof

As you’ll discover, PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing is…

  • Solid: the 1.5mm reinforced membrane is highly resistant to impact and puncture. Ready to deal with flying debris and slates from an overhead pitched roof.
  • Strong: high tensile strength means you can walk on the roof. Or even build over it, with a balcony, terrace or green roof.
  • Watertight: it won’t develop flaws or slowly absorb water. And the joins are secure: double-welded, and protected by pre-bent metal laminates.
  • Flexible: it can stretch up to 18-20% of its natural size - expanding and contracting as the building breathes in and out.
  • UV Resistant: the upper light layer has a special UV reflective coating. Long, hot summers are welcome – year after year, there’ll be no damage.
  • Moss and Lichen Free: organic matter can grow on felt, absorbing water and stressing the roof. But nothing grows on this membrane, no matter how long it stands.
  • Immune to Ponding: pools of standing water can weaken a felt roof or cause those tiny cracks in GRP. But with this advanced system, ponding makes no difference.
  • In Perfect Shape: everything is designed as a custom fit for your roof, and (unlike felt) it’s not going to slump and shape-shift in the heat.
  • Vapour Permeable: if moisture gets trapped on the roof deck, the membrane will expel it – so there’s no risk it will freeze and crack the roof from inside.
  • All-Weather Ready: installers needn’t wait till the deck is bone dry, or stop when the temperature changes. It can be installed in most weathers - keeping you on schedule.
  • Safe to Install: there are no naked flames or toxic glues to pose a hazard on site. Joins are bonded with a heat gun, dialled in at a fixed temperature. No risk.
  • Easy to Overlay: we can add it to a new roof deck, or build straight over the old roof - getting you back to normal quickly, and saving you money too.
  • Consistent: other systems can fail as they rely on “untamed” elements – like weather, flames and rooftop assembly. But this system is factory-made under controlled conditions - then installed in a set procedure. Same result every time.
  • Stylish: the clean, sleek finish looks great. And you can give it a traditional look to match an older property.
  • Repairable: it’s hard to damage the membrane – but if the worst happens, repairs are quick and simple. No need to replace the whole roof.
  • Low Maintenance: any flat roof should be regularly inspected. But there’s rarely a need for actual maintenance work.
  • Eco Friendly: when the time finally comes to replace it, the whole system can be recycled. Nothing goes to landfill.
  • Excellent “Whole-of-Life” Value. There are cheaper systems. But you’ll pay more in the long run, for maintenance and replacement. So if you can make the investment now, this will save you money (and hassle) over time.

What’s more, Proactive Flat Roofing gives you a rare advantage…

We’ve developed a proprietary PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing product - Vanguard.

It’s manufactured to our specification, and fitted by our own highly trained installers. Putting you in the unique position of dealing with just one company, who takes full responsibility for the roof.

Of course, you’ll have to see it up close before you’ll believe it. And you’ll have questions too. So let’s discuss your project and you can decide if PVC Single-Ply Waterproofing – and Vanguard - is right for you.

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