Find Out Why Kevin, an Experienced Local Builder Chose Proactive Flat Roofing For His Own Dream Home

Kevin Gibbs is a third generation local builder with multiple house builds under his belt and a dislike of any kind of flat roof!

When he was forced by a planning decision to have a flat roof on his own home you better believe he did some significant research.

The result made him very happy with the advice, service and the outcome.

We know how it is - a self-build project can be a juggling act.

      You’re managing budgets, tradesmen, deliveries, schedules, materials…all while fighting against the weather! You’ve got a lot to contend with. And if your project includes a flat roof, it only adds to the stress. Because it gets complicated, and scope for error multiplies…

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So what can go wrong?

     It starts at the planning stage. The spec should be developed – or approved – by a flat roofing specialist. Someone who’s fully trained in the latest systems and technology, and understands the nuances that cause leaks, draughts and condensation.

     BUT in practice, most flat roofs are planned in by architects – without the help of specialist roofers.

And that can spell trouble. Without the roofer’s input, there are serious risks.

You could:

• Choose a waterproofing system with a high failure rate
• Fit the wrong insulation spec, leading to interstitial condensation – and other problems
• Have to revise the spec when you come to fit the roof
• Have to revisit building work, so the structure fits the new roofing spec
• Trigger delays that send you off schedule – and over budget
• Sit around waiting for a dry spell before you can install
• Fall foul of Building Control, who could force you to start over again

     These problems come up time and again, all thanks to planning errors. We see it when we’re called in to rescue projects part-way through.

But you don’t have to suffer the same fate. Just talk to us first…

Let us take charge of the flat roof from day one

     We’ll allocate you an experienced flat roofing surveyor, who’ll work with your or your architect to tighten up the spec.

This alone could save you thousands, by cutting steps you don’t need…and eliminating glitches that would cause a money pit.

There’s no fee for this, and no obligation. We’ll just hand you the design, and submit our cost for the work.

And when you go ahead with us, all that stress and delay goes away:

…The roof fits seamlessly into the build plan.

…Insulation meets the regulatory standard.

…We’re there on site when you need us – and flexible if there’s a hold-up.

And because we work with PVC Single-Ply

…The weather won’t hold you to ransom. The waterproofing layer can go on when the deck is wet or dry.

…If you’re refurbishing, it can go straight over an old roof. As long as it’s structurally sound, that will save you the cost and hassle of ripping and skipping.

…You get a 20-year guarantee that covers labour and materials. (Very few flat roofers can guarantee both, but we can. Find out why).

…The roof should tight for the next 40-50 years. The first installations, from the 1960s are still standing today, so you can be confident it won’t trouble you.

If that’s the kind of solution you’re looking for, we need to talk…

It starts with a free review, survey or quote

We’re ready to pitch in. All you have to do is get in touch, and let us take a look at your plans – or visit you on site. We’re not looking for a commitment now. Just a simple chat.

Then we’ll give you all the info you need before you commit to the next step.

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