Leak Testing – The Sensible Step Before You Commit to Repair or Replacement

A leak can be disastrous. Whether water is coming through the top layer to attack the roof deck, or falling into the space below, wrecking your possessions…it’s serious cause for concern.

Ignore it, and the damage could be irreversible. But act quickly, and there’s a good chance we can save the roof.

Often, a leak will be the result of a single error. Like a poor weld or termination letting the rain through. Or dripping condensation, caused by insulation problems. Then it’s easily fixed, and there’s no need to invest in a new roof.

At other times however, the cause is more severe: a sign that the roof is failing fast, and needs urgent replacement.

Damaged Ceiling Beneath a Flat Roof

You need to know, so you can make an informed decision. So it’s vital we investigate and source the leak immediately – to reverse the damage if we can, or at least control the fallout.

You need to know, so you can make an informed decision. So it’s vital we investigate and source the leak immediately – to reverse the damage if we can, or at least control the fallout.

It starts with the size of the roof

On a small property, a straight forward inspection could be all it takes. But with a large, expansive roof, it can be a much bigger challenge.

Imagine tracking down a leak that could be the size of a pinhead, in a roof that stretches over hundreds of square feet! The damage you spot below the roof could be a red herring, as water can get dispersed away from the point of entry. So you have to start with an open mind, assuming the leak could be anywhere.

That’s where our forensic leak testing comes in…using the very latest equipment and investigation methods.

Systematic testing, to isolate the leak

For a large residence or commercial unit, our leak tests start at the simple end, then get more and more elaborate. Doing whatever it takes to single out the point of failure, and the cause behind it.

The latest tests include:

  • Thermographic Surveys: a thermal imaging scan to detect the moisture patterns across the rooftop.
Thermographic Flat Roof Survey
Flat Roof Being Tested For Leaks
  • Electronic Leak Detection: sending an electrical pulse through the roof to expose the fault in the surface. Wet or dry test.
  • Condition Surveys: photographic reports, to document sections of the roof and eliminate zone by zone.
  • Simulated Rainfall Testing: recreating rain conditions to stress-test points of suspicion - and confirm repairs.
  • Flood Testing: releasing water under controlled conditions, to monitor points of ingress.
  • Dye Testing: colouring suspect elements, to gain answers from coloured water inside the roof.
  • Borescope Inspections: sending cameras into hard-to-reach areas, to capture hidden evidence.

This comprehensive approach has a high success rate. Invariably, we’ll come out with a clear understanding of the source and cause of the leak – which we’ll highlight in a written report, along with costs for remedial work.

So whether it’s repair or replacement, you can proceed with confidence - knowing you’re investing in essential work.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a leak to occur…

Leak testing is a cost-effective way to check for defects after repair work - or even when the roof is first installed.

If you’re looking for extra peace of mind, it’s a cost-effective option that we can build into your service.

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