Vanguard: a New Way to Protect Your Flat Roof - Without Taking an Anxious Step into the Unknown

Flat Roof With Vanguard

PVC Single-Ply is the only waterproofing system purpose-designed for flat roofs. As this video shows you, it’s strong, resilient and long-lasting – with none of the flaws that make other systems less reliable.

Frankly, we wouldn’t fit any other roof type here at Proactive Flat Roofing. Over decades in the industry, we’ve seen how it performs consistently. Standing up to all weathers, while keeping its appearance - with little or no maintenance.

But (yes, there’s a ‘but’)…even with the best flat roofing system there is, we’ve found customers can be anxious. Because there’s still a question hanging in the air…

“Ultimately, who’s responsible for the roof?”

Every customer seems to ponder this question, sooner or later. And there’s no denying, it’s a legitimate concern.

After all…

If you’ve got one company manufacturing the roof and a second company fitting it…you’ve got two suppliers. So, two sets of terms – and two guarantees.

So what if something goes wrong?

Suddenly, the two firms could end up blaming each other. Leaving you stuck in the middle while they fight it out!

It’s a rough deal. But in this industry, there’s never been an alternative.

Customers have had to accept it…

And many have been caught in the cross-fire.

So a few years ago, we set out to break the deadlock – by manufacturing and installing our own PVC Single-Ply product.

It took us on a journey across Europe, to find reliable partners. We vetted facilities, from workshops to factories, to build a team around us. Then launched a robust, flexible new product that passes rigorous tests and meets regulatory standards.

We call it Vanguard.

Developed by a team with over 45 years’ experience, Vanguard factors in every side of the flat roofing process. So you get all the benefits of PVC Single-Ply, through a system we produce under tight, controlled conditions…then designed and fabricated to the exact size and shape of your roof.

As you’ll see, it rivals anything on the market today - anywhere in the world.

And it comes with a unique advantage:

You’re dealing directly with the manufacturer and installer - so your 20-Year Guarantee covers labour and materials

So in the unlikely event that your roof needs attention, you won’t be caught in a “Blame Game”. Whether it’s down to material or fitting, the buck stops with us…so we’re going to deal with it and get things back to normal, fast.

To the very best of our knowledge, there is simply nobody else in the UK who can offer you that level of service and assurance.

Just one more reason for you to choose Proactive Flat Roofing.

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