Make the Most of Your Flat Roof with a Stylish Terrace or Balcony

The sun doesn’t shine every day here in Britain! So when it does, you’ll want to enjoy it – and there’s no better way than adding an outdoor living space.

Flat Roof Terrace
Flat Roof Extension

Imagine an elevated spot where you can look down and take in the sights below. Children playing, flowers blooming, or people going about their day while you soak up some rays.

It could be a balcony, leading straight off a bedroom or study. Or a sun terrace you access from the garden. Either way, it’s a perfect spot to start the day with coffee and croissants. Or spend long hazy evenings staring into the sunset with a glass of…well, you decide!

Flat Roof Balcony

The only question is, how do you make it happen?!

Conversion or Improvement?

Do you already have a terrace or balcony that needs a facelift…or are you starting from scratch by converting the rooftop?

Flat Rooftop Belcony in Need of a Facelift

Either way, you’ll be adding value to your property - making a sensible investment.

If it’s a conversion, we may need to strengthen the roof first so it can take on the extra weight. Then we’ll simply apply your chosen finish, plus balustrades or railings. And we’re done.

And if it’s an old structure? You’ll be surprised how quickly we can restore it, or make it better than new. And of course, signs of ageing could hide something more sinister, like an imminent leak or structural decay. So revamping it now could well be a stitch in time.

Flat Roof Being Repaired

We’ll need to discuss…

Like any flat roofing work, it starts with a survey where we’ll assess needs for waterproofing, insulation and more. Then we’ll look at specific issues, unique to this project - including:

Structural Safety

Some flat roofs are designed to hold added weight, and some are not. So as a first step, we’ll have it checked by a structural engineer who’ll specify the extra strengthening – if needed.

Planning Permission

For a conversion, you may need consent before we go any further. We’ll look into this for you and advise on the steps you’ll need to take.

Flat Roof Terrace
Flat Roof Balcony

The Finish

Balcony or terrace, there’s no need for you to compromise on the final look. You’ll have a world of choice – including:

Stoneware: add some simple paving slabs, or choose from the range of natural stone that comes in every shape and colour

Decking: traditional softwood is always popular – or for a more contemporary style, take a look at composite decking.

Tiles: slate is the natural choice for many. But more and more are keeping it simple, with rubber tiles.

Whatever you choose, it needs to withstand the elements and frequent foot fall too. So we’ll help you decide, and make sure it’s a suitable choice.

Balustrades & Railings
Health & Safety laws insist that any roof terrace or balcony must have adequate railings to prevent accidents. But that doesn’t mean an ugly addition that spoils the look – it can enhance it.

Balustrade or railing, you’ll have a choice of styles including glass, steel and powder-coated aluminium. You decide – then we’ll make sure it fits the structure and complies with regulations.

Flat Roof Terrace

Let’s get started

One of our flat roofing surveyors will call out to visit you, and give you all the answers you need. You won’t be pressed for a decision – we’ll just give you a written report with all the costs broken down, and leave you to decide in your own good time.

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